Sam The Dyslexic Episodes

The aim of my blog is not to make me look like an idiot (which after reading this you are mostlikley thinking is not hard) but try to raise awarness of issues relating to dyslexia and the effects it can have on persons living with it (good and bad). For example the glassess and “special needs”storys makes me laugh because this just would not happen now (or does it…)

I guess I just want to give people an insite into my life which has been a rollacoster and given me emotional high and low points.


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Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 13

Sam and mark are joined by fellow school friend Matthew price who is both dyslexic and dyspratsic!!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 12

Sam and mark are back looking at why Sam is a clusta and if maybe he has dyspraxia

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 11

Little bit of dyslexic singing!!!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 10

Following a field trip to a comedy night, Sam and Mark talk about understanding jokes and more!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 9


Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 8

Sam and Mark have a crack at word prenounsiation with the help of siri!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 7

Sam and Mark look at the Starbucks new story and look to find ways of taking over the world and promoting a dyslexia friendly environment

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 6 Dyslexia Quiz!!

Sam gives Mark a quiz to see if he has learnt anything over the last 6 podcasts!!!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 5

Sam and mark look at dyslexia in the news and talk about Scottish dyslexic football player Steven Naismith

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 4

Sam and mark explore the world of online dating dyslexic style!!!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 3

In this epasode Sam and Mark talk about learning to drive dyslexic style, dyslexic people being banned from donning sperm and why Sam struggles with understanding jokes!!!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 2

In this epasode Sam and Mark explore the dyslexia tests and Sam’s romantic trip to France gown wrong.

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 1

In this epasode Sam is joined by comedian Mark Simmons to discuss all things dyslexia and Sam’s unfortunate run in with a jelly fish Follow Sam: