MyPodcast.Audio Exists To Help Launch Your Podcast

I love listening to podcasts. That began my journey of creating MyPodcast.Audio
After years of enjoying audio made by others, I started making my own content. It wasn’t easy.


This led to a massive amount of research: After recording, how exactly do you publish it? I found out, you have two options: 1) you can learn how to set up web hosting, DNS, RSS, create a website, and hundreds of other skills depending on how deep down the rabbit hole you need to go, or 2) Open your wallet and pay for an automated system that treats you like cattle. In some cases, you need to do both. This website exists not only to host my own content, but to help others to get their start (That’s you) by removing the difficult and expensive bits and focusing on the fun side of it – making stuff.


All you need to do is get in touch by phone or email, send me an MP3 recording, and I’ll get you started. No upsell, no hassle, just you getting your podcast out there for people to listen to.


MyPodcast.Audio is different because we are selective. We’re not trying to farm out a service to as many people as we can convince to part with their cash; we want to work closely with a small group of people who are interested in creating interesting and entertaining podcasts. I want to help you to pursue that. I have years of experience as a podcaster myself, a degree in Computer Science that qualifies me to fix any tech issues, and I know what you guys don’t want to deal with: ads forced on your pages, to be told your podcast file is too large, or have the rug pulled out from under you and told nobody can download it because you’ve exceeded your bandwidth (a term which means: you’re doing good, lots of people are downloading it, we want you to pay more.)


MyPodcast.Audio is based in Ashford, Kent.
You’ve read the mission statement, now it’s time to act.
If you have an interest in creating your own podcast, lets work together to make it happen.


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