Stiff Right Hand: Episode 1 - Curtain Jerker

In this first ever Stiff Right Hand Podcast The Dominator is joined by Brother Drake and they discuss etiquette, kayfabe killing and the womens wrestling scene.

SMD Show: Episode 1

The SMD Show (Shane, Mak, Dan) launches this week.

Wrestling and MMA news, results, and predictions – brought to you by two Brits and an Italian. Expect strong opinions and even stronger language, as we go over the latest from WWE, UFC, and more. The crazy world of mixed martial arts & pro wrestling for your listening pleasure; no punches pulled.

MMA to start the show, pro wrestling talk begins at 42 minutes.

Think you can predict the PPV results better than we can? Listen to the episode to hear our picks, then post YOUR predictions for the upcoming WWE PPV in the comments below. We’ll include you in the next PPV prediction contest. There will be a pretty graph that ranks you with other listeners, AND pits you against the hosts of this show.

They are run for every WWE PPV, and roll over for a full season culminating at WrestleMania. To view the Survivor Series prediction results, click here. I’ll sort out a prize for the winner of the season, and branch this out to UFC if people like it.

Info about the hosts to follow, on this page.

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 13

Sam and mark are joined by fellow school friend Matthew price who is both dyslexic and dyspratsic!!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 12

Sam and mark are back looking at why Sam is a clusta and if maybe he has dyspraxia

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 11

Little bit of dyslexic singing!!!

Sam the Dyslexic – Epasode 10

Following a field trip to a comedy night, Sam and Mark talk about understanding jokes and more!

Sam the Dyslexic - Epasode 9


Sam the Dyslexic - Epasode 8

Sam and Mark have a crack at word prenounsiation with the help of siri!

Sam the Dyslexic - Epasode 7

Sam and Mark look at the Starbucks new story and look to find ways of taking over the world and promoting a dyslexia friendly environment

Sam the Dyslexic - Epasode 6 Dyslexia Quiz!!

Sam gives Mark a quiz to see if he has learnt anything over the last 6 podcasts!!!

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