All Platform: Episode 10

Episode 10, a milestone episode! We celebrate by ending our quiz season and crowning a champion. It’s all quite tense as both John & Leo are tied with three pens each going in (Why pens? don’t ask…) and this week a winner WILL be crowned, and that winner will receive a prize, voted on by YOU!

Plus, we get closer to finding out which of us is going to be correct in our prediction of Christmas No. 1! We look at this week’s Top 5, to see how the chart is developing.

Telltale Games announced a Guardians of the Galaxy game this week, so we chat about other popular franchises that we would like to get snapped up by Telltale Games and plugged into their game engine.

No Mans Sky was found NOT GUILTY of false advertising, after gamers took them to court over the promotional material being used to sell the game, arguing it wasn’t an accurate representation of the final product. We give our thoughts.

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